Attorney Erik H. Olson

A Personal Injury Lawyer Helping To Overcome The Odds

Over the past 25-plus years, The Olson Law Firm has developed a reputation for successful litigation of personal injury claims.  Our attorney, Erik H. Olson, has completed thirty jury trials that have resulted in the recovery of more than one million dollars in compensation for our fellow Georgia residents injured by negligent acts, in accidents or by a once-trusted medical professional.

At Your Side Following A Traumatic Event

We know that Atlanta-area residents do not come to us at their best following injuries caused by accidents or negligent medical professionals. Tragedy and trauma have replaced peace of mind. Our priority is to spend the time they need to tell us their story of the horrific events that changed their lives.

Success at The Olson Law Firm, comes from personalized, one-on-one legal advocacy with all our clients, answering all questions and addressing all concerns. We help to even the odds they face when dealing with large insurers and defense attorneys. Our firm serves as both spokesperson and shield, countering the intimidation tactics that insurers often deploy to deter victims, if not force them to outright give up.

Dedication And Diligence In Securing The Best Outcome

Simply put, we build strong, fact-based cases that go into great detail in showing how a sudden and shocking event altered everything. For us, winning goes beyond a successful settlement or trial verdict. We want to make what was once an uncertain future bright once again.

For more information or to schedule a free case evaluation at our Atlanta office, schedule a free case evaluation at The Olson Law Firm, LLC, by calling 404-448-2806 or sending us an email.